Do you ever have those moments where your own mortality hits you, where you realize you are alive at present, before you did not exist at all, and someday you will be dead along with everyone else? We are impermanent creatures made of flesh and bone surrounded by this vastness of space we call the universe, the galaxy, the firmament. Somewhere beyond that are the heavens because they call to me, I know that it’s my true home…my souls home. By why do so many of us remain here when we leave our earthly body? Their spirits, either intelligent or oblivious wander through their old stomping grounds, hiding in attics, walking hallways, possessing objects. Then, there are some of us who still have breath that see them, feel them, while others remain skeptics, disbelieving that we leave energy behind.

I’m fascinated by the people that walked the earth before us: their story, their joys, their heartaches. My mission is to tell their story, because no one wants to be forgotten. If that story is only how these souls continue to manifest after their bodily death, then I will do my best to be as true to them as possible. 

My region of focus will be Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia because these are the areas I am familiar with and can tell a more accurate history. I will also be writing about historical and haunted places outside my circle of focus as I visit them and share my experiences. 

I invite contributors to share their stories, either an interesting historical account or their personal ghost story. I would love to hear from others like myself that have an (un)healthy obsession with history!

I am both an author and artist, so the sketches you see paired with the stories are my own, as well as my photographs, unless noted otherwise. Please do not take or reuse my stories and photos as they are mine under copyright law. However, I would be honored if you would share my posts and my website!

I am fascinated by history, cemeteries, and ghosts. I am a volunteer contributor and photographer for Find A Grave. Please connect with me there at You can also find me at my Author/Artist profile at

Besides history, ghost hunting, and writing, my other interests include genealogy, drawing, painting, cooking, sewing, embroidery, running, yoga, hiking, nature, and spending as much time as possible with my wonderful husband Mark and our two small children Adelaide and Jude.